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Not sure where to begin? Here are some trends we have noticed

Bathroom renovation inspiration

Bathroom trends are really individual and although certain products can be very desirable at the moment, there are styles which will never go out of fashion.

The majority of the good quality bathroom tiles are porcelain which are now more commonly used than a natural stone, purely because of durability and less maintenance requirements. Porcelain is a very hard wearing tile and once sealed after installation, the colour and shade won’t get affected over the time as much as it would with natural stone. The rectified porcelain tile is square edge modern type which needs a lot of care during installation and great skills from the bathroom installer / tiler. Most of the porcelain tiles can be polished giving a smooth finish on the edges. We recommend a 45 degree cut as it gives a very elegant finish especially in the shower alcoves.

Alcove or niche within shower area gives additional storage which is useful. Alcove / niche can be fitted with an LED light. Some clients also go for the mirror back in the alcove / niche and this can also be fitted with the demister pad.

Mood lights in the bathroom can give a real wow effect. The options are: LED lights under the Wash basin unit, in the bottom of the bath panel and in the shower alcove. Some of the mood light can be switched independently from the main ceiling lights or come on the motion sensor. Motion sensor in the bathroom is amazing solution when you don’t want to search for the light switch when going to the bathroom at night.